Image of Superchief - Corporate Dynamite

Superchief - Corporate Dynamite

by Superchief


Des Moines, Iowa's stoner metal boys; Superchief's 2011 debut album titled Coroporate Dynamite release on Brolester Records. Corporate Dynamite got a glowing 7/10 review in January 2012's edition of Metal Hammer Magazine. For fans of Clutch, Monster Magnet, Grand Funk Railroad, or Ted Nugent. Think of Thin Lizzy meeting the Melvins!

1. Fear No Shield
2. Odin Be Praised
3. Shovel In the Basement
4. Corporate Dynamite
5. They Call Me Nomad
6. Sweat
7. The Story Of The King Killer
8. The Plan
9. Saint Bukowski
10. Destiny's Child
11. When The Bear Is Hungry (He Will Eat) *hidden track*